Angel Policy

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Each digital image I create is in 300 DPI in JPEG format.
Size will vary for each digital image.

About My Digi Images

These are 100% Computer Generated = Clear Sharp Images. I can take hours creating one image. I start off drawing it by hand then scanning it in and then redoing the whole image in my computer. This creates an image that has no blurry, choppy, dotted edges, or pencil/pen marks. All the images will be in a PURE BLACK. No grey images found here! Each digi is checked before you even see it. I've hand coloured each of them to find those little mistakes that can happen, or doesn't work too well for coloring them, and fixed them all up for you to enjoy.

Freebie Digital Images

Please do not trade !! You were lucky to get the freebie and others missed out.

If a freebie is no longer available then PLEASE do not trade.

Conditions For Using Freebies

Please give credit to *Limited Runs Digitial Stamps*. If you are using the digi online, I also ask that you include a link to this site (OPT). Thank you for your cooperation.

When You Buy a Digi From LIMITED RUNS

Each digital image is for Personal Use Only. Images are not intended to be resold or lent or posted uncoloured. You may link back to HERE. Once you have purchased your digi you may use it any way you like. You may use it in a card/craft/scrapbook to sell as long as each digi has been hand-colored/altered in some way(these are for an individual crafter). If you would be so kind, please let others know where you got each Limited Runs Digi from. No digital image is allowed to be used for embroidery, nor is it to be resold into a bundle set, used for mass production/commercial sales, recreated or partially redrawn for resell/distribution, without written permission from Limited Runs.

The Sharing & Transferring of Digital Images (Paid or Freebies) Is

NOT Allowed EVER. When you buy an image it becomes an agreement between you and the seller. You are NOT allowed to Email/transfer electronically any digital image to your friends. Sorry but they must Buy their own. You may store the image for back up but NOT on the Web, and for your Personal use only. **I don't mind you sharing with somone else who lives in your house ie: kids, DarlingHusband but add your name I do keep a list of who's bought what.
Thanks for supporting Digital Artists Everywhere.

Regarding all Digis including Pre-Coloured:
These are intended for crafters and making smaller hand crafted quanities to sell. If you plan on mass producing them, then you must ask me first and have written premission from me beforehand.
**Mass production is considered using any one image over 50 times for resale in any one year period.**
If you have any questions pertaining to this Angel Policy, please Email me at
Elusionary60(at)hotmail(dot)com and I will gladly help you out.
Thanks for Choosing Limited Runs Digital Images.
Nikki C.
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Regarding Pinterest
Please Do NOT repost the Freebies up

Without a Watermark on them these are available for
a short time

This has been proofed by the Lovely Lisa Decosse
because I know I can butcher the english language so well
have a fanastic day :)