Sponsorship 2018

For 2018 there will be a few changes on what DT are allowed to use only Single images only no sets and any image under $2.00
You must use it for the challenge when requesting an image too and you will get only the full size image.

The Shop is in the middle of a update so sometimes an area might not be there but I'm trying to get this done as quickly as I can with over 1000 images to go through this is taking it's own sweet time please bear with me as we up date our look and becoming more phone friendly. (Wishing I did this years ago btw)
Thanks so much Nikki


NEW Digital Images

New Digital Images 
May you find a new fave and Please note that the shop is undergoing an Update and little Purge of older images I don't know what will be going yet but I will put them in one place once I know.
It's a slow process and I can't do it all the time or I would go insane lol
Have you joined our facebook group yet there are monthly challenges where you can win


Chickens and Turkeys

Chickens and Turkeys
** Coloured images sold separate **
Sentiment are show after Freddy and Ed the Turkeys

Chickens and Turkeys


Girls 1-10

Girls- 1-10
Girls 11-20

Girls- 11-20

11-20 Coloured and Line art sold Separately
BOTH = Both Line art and Coloured together
FS = Free Sentiments Included


Girls- 21-30