Hey All

The shop has been undergoing a update and it does take a while sometimes you might find whole area's missing along with some of the images been retired. Please pardon the mess and the shop is still open for you to enjoy

Those who want sponsorship or are already sponsored please see the new guide lines set up for 2018 thanks


I'll try to keep this up todate  and all email entries will be notified via Email so you don't miss out - Prizes are Random on what you can win can be a digi or can me Happy Mail  never know 

Round 7
Challenge 23 - Suzy - Email Entry
24 -  Susan Renshaw
25 Mel Cogburn
26  Gail Hutchinson
27 - On right Now!!!

Round 6 
Challenge   19 - Tina Rea Davies
Challenge 20 Shell Henson Becker
Challenge 21- Kathy Barley
Challenge Crafty Girl & Shell Henson Becker & Gail Castle Scott 

Co Sponsored by Sticker You  Winner - Donna Mundinger

Round 5 (Challenge Rounds) 
Challenge 15 - Zoe Brow
Challenge 16 AJ Art Jyspy
Challenge 17 Gail Castle Scott
Challenge 18 CraftyGirl

Round 4 (Challenge 5 Rounds )
Challenge 10  Nana Connie
Challenge 11 Nana Connie
Challenge 12 Rosie Guiler
Challenge 13 Tina Rea Davies
Challenge 14 Donna Mundinger

Round 3
Challenge 7  Ellen Smith
Challenge 8 Winner  Pippa Price
Challenge 9 Winner  Tina Rea Davies 

Round 2
Challenge 4 Lisa - Email Entry
Challenge 5 Winner - Donna Mundinger
Challenge 6 - Winner - Mathew Hart

Round 1
Challenge 1 Winner .... Deanna Cheatham Blackmon
Challenge 2 Winner .... Terri Belkin
Challenge 3 Winner .....Random snail mail prize Chris Mcbulb
Random digi winner Suze -EMAIL entry
Just because fave
Favorite 1 digi  Faith Anderson